Exhibition Projects

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Date(s) - Wed Apr 22 2015
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Blue Classroom


What is the function of an exhibition in an artistic, educational, and political context? 

What are alternative modes for exhibiting?

What is the roll of art in radical spaces?

What does an exhibition provide for a community?

Birdhouse* presents:

Exhibition Projects

In Exhibition Projects we will explore these baseline questions through reading and discussion about exhibiting and engagement with an exhibition practice. The first few weeks will  be dedicated to an interdisciplinary look into the world of the “Exhibition.” We will then begin conducting exhibition experiments, where participants can explore different exhibition methods. The goal of these discussions and projects is to open a dialogue. The group will help create an exhibition platform within Birdhouse that is open, responsive, and supportive to the ecology of the Bay Area Public School and the Omni. Attendance to Bay Area Public School or Omni meetings are not required but a plus!

*Birdhouse is a community-based art program housed within the Omni. Birdhouse provides a free and accessible public forum to engage with art in multiple ways.

Prospective topics:

  • We as an art school; we as cultural producers:

Anton Vidokle, “Exhibition as school in a Divided City”

Trevor Paglan, “Experimental Geography: From Cultural Production to the Production of Space”

  • Architectural Lens:

Nana Last, “Function and Field”

Sections from A Pattern Language

  • White Cube:

Patricia Falguiéres, “Inside the White Cube – In more Senses Than One”

Brian O’Doherty, Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of The Gallery Space

  • Its Always Political; Connection to the Commons:

Andrea Fraser, “A Museum is Not a Business. It is Run in a Businesslike Fashion”

Silvia Frederici, “Feminism and the Politics of the Common in an Era of Primitive Accumulation”

  • Art/Work:

selections from Invisible Labor: An Art/Work Reader

1st project

  • Beyond physical space:

Mike Pepi, “Is a Museum a Database?: Institutional Conditions in Net Utopia”

2st project

Projects will then continue on a biweekly basis.

Ideas for project assignments:

  • Exhibition in a 12 x 12 x12 box
  • non material exhibition, exhibition of nothing
  • build an exhibition small space/piece of furniture, trade and create an exhibit using what was given
  • class as an exhibition, i.e. teach, share, perform.
  • building project, looking back at A Pattern Language construction guides
  • pdf exhibition
  • exhibition on the move
  • the “free” exhibition
  • earthworks
  • “public” works

Additional reading materials:

Reesa Greenberg, Thinking about Exhibitions

Lucy Steeds, Exhibtion

Field trips to exhibitions and Bay Area alternative exhibition spaces are also possible.


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